God, Are You There?

Two years ago, my relationship with God was deep and intimate. I was living on fire for Him. The following year, however, adversity struck and life was rocky for a while. In the midst of it all, I poured all my emotions out to God.

I prayed throughout each day. I tried to stay strong and remember His promises. I pleaded with Him to show up in my life, and I begged for answers.

But, silence… That’s all I got from Him.

I was shocked and confused. What was the point in trying to communicate with someone who has forgotten about me?

I remembered my favorite bible verse, Jeremiah 29:13, and I continued to seek Him. Over time, ironically, His silence comforted me.

I realized this: God isn’t obligated to answer us.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we will always hear His voice. His silence is not His absence.

His silence is not a punishment, but a gift — one that grows our desire for His nearness.

Sometimes, we need His silence to strengthen our trust in Him.

The thing is, God will always be mysterious — there will always be something we don’t know, won’t have proof of, and can’t comprehend. Our discovery of God is never-ending. 

That is a blessing that can actually fill us with joy.

He isn’t robbing you of a close walk with Him. Rather, He’s saving you from a shallow walk with Him, one that has the capacity to go deeper than ever before.

Let it be an opportunity to pursue Him sincerely. Let it be a chance to seek community. Let it be a time to read more Scripture.

No matter how distant He may feel, know there is nothing between you and God.

2 thoughts on “God, Are You There?

  1. So Awesome Valerie… I really miss going to church. Not sure where to start to look for a church home.,but I know it is important to find one so I can grow my relationship with God. My husband is Lutheran and I was raised Catholic. I will find a way. thank you for your insight!

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