You Have Enough

I used to cling to Philippians 4:19 for peace about my circumstances, expecting God to change them immediately and make me feel content. It says, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” 

Honestly, I was missing Paul’s point.

Paul was in prison when he wrote this to the Philippians. He was cold, lonely, and suffering. His circumstances were not ideal. Yet, he knew God would meet his every need according to His riches. He was content because Christ was enough to satisfy. The point he was making is this: when we have Christ, we have everything, regardless of our circumstances. Even when we’re in a painful and lonely place like he was, we have enough.

Have you ever used a bible verse to serve your desires? I sure have.

But God won’t always fulfill all our desires. However, He will always take care of our every need — not in the way the world would, but in a way that transcends our worldly desires, a way that is absolutely best for us. That’s a promise.

It wasn’t until I was transformed by Paul’s real message that my circumstances changed — when I truly believed God is enough. It was about the position of my heart.

If you know Christ, you already have everything you need to grow, to be whole, to live fully, to love freely, and to live a life of “enough.”

Do you follow Jesus because you feel you need more or because you know He is more than enough?

If you find yourself constantly wishing for change, contentment, or something more, perhaps you aren’t looking at life with the right perspective. Because when your heart is right with God, you can bring your desires to Him with a heart that is already whole. When you fix your eyes on His promises, you no longer fear the unknown because you know you are safe in His arms. You may not get all you want in life, but God will never withhold what He knows is best for you.

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday chaos, let’s look past what we feel we lack, and look to Jesus who fills us up to the greatest extent possible.

Open up your heart wholly to the One who created it, the One who laid down His life for you, the One who meets your every need according to His riches. If you know Jesus, you have enough.

The question is, will you believe it?

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