Eyes Off Them, Eyes On Him: Stop Comparing Yourself

The internet is such a great avenue to share the gospel. In the past few months, I’ve connected with people from all over the world. I have built amazing friendships with many Christian women. I’ve exchanged prayer requests with so many other souls. It’s truly special. I’m learning the immense potential social media has for goodness, and I see it used as a ministry all the time.

However, it is also one of the enemy’s favorite tools.

In particular, it’s the perfect trap for comparison. Let’s talk about that.

With our eyes glued to our screens, it’s so easy to get caught up in someone’s image, accomplishments, money, and platform. We spend hours scrolling, idolizing, envying.

We compare our achievements to their achievements, our looks to their looks, and our purpose to their purpose – and this becomes how we measure our worth. We instantly feel inadequate when we see someone prettier, or someone more successful. We instantly feel prideful when we think we’re better looking, or we’re doing better at life. We measure our worthiness based off others’ victories and failures.

Comparison is dangerous. Comparison is selfish. Comparison is prideful.

It’s time we bring ourselves back to what is true. To what is real. And to what is pure.

We must bring ourselves back to our own purpose. We waste precious time when we try to pursue someone else’s purpose. We must spend less time focusing on what everyone else is doing and turn to Jesus because He deserves the attention – not us. He is the goal – not them. He is who we should pursue.

The thing is, we were all made for greatness.

I think this is something we forget because we’re too busy looking at everyone else. When we try to be like someone else, we aren’t using our full potential. When we try to be like someone else, we ignore our own unique God-given purpose. When we try to be like someone else, we are not walking by faith.

The more you focus on your purpose in Jesus, the more energy you will have to step into the greatness you were made for.

When you put another person’s purpose on yourself, you may feel good for a moment, but you will never experience the greatnessyou were made for.

Shouldn’t it be comforting that we have our very own purpose? That we don’t have to put our energy into making our lives look like the world?

You have a God-given purpose, and He is growing you right now. Don’t waste your energy trying to make your life look like someone else’s. Don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to others.

Don’t be a slave to comparison.

Freedom is available to you when you stop chasing after what isn’t meant for you.

Maybe you feel lost. Maybe you don’t know what you’re meant for. Maybe you’re still waiting for God to pull you into your full potential – your purpose. Aren’t we all?

When we take our eyes off them, and fix our eyes on our savior, we discover our greatness.

God has gifted you with your very ownmind, body, heart, and purpose.

He is infinitely greater than everyone else, and when you make Himyour goal, He will accomplish great things through you. So, don’t miss out on what God created for you.

Take your eyes off them and look to your creator.

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  1. I needed to read something like this today! Thank you so much for sharing this. I can literally feel the positive vibes on your page. Keep up the good work of inspiring others and spreading positivity.
    Greetings from India!

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