It’s Time to Slow Down

Some days are a struggle.

My friend and I were talking about how to have quiet time with Jesus in the mornings, and they were telling me about how much of a struggle it is for them to get into a routine because they’re so busy – about how hard it has been to really commit themselves to being still. How do you do it every single morning? What are your tips and tricks?

But here’s the thing: my mornings to do not look the same every day!

Some days are a struggle. There are many days that my alarm clock wins.  There are many days that I feel absolutely exhausted by my day job, and it takes every ounce of energy to get out of bed and convince myself to go into work again.

Some mornings, I am running around like a crazy person looking for my badge or my keys, and then scurrying out the door to get to work, without a chance to get ready and even wake up. Once I get to work, my emails, phone calls and to-do list consume me as I sip down my first cup of coffee. Then the second. Then the third.

Just glimpsing at my seemingly never-ending to-do list some days make me feel nauseous. Overwhelmed. Everything piles up. The day goes by, I get off work, and then I go home feeling exhausted – and sometimes even defeated.

So after talking with my friend about how busy our lives are, I’m not convinced we’re the only ones who have days like these, finding themselves scurrying out the door and feeling overwhelmed with the nonstop tasks of everyday life. Through the busyness, the Lord is teaching me and calling me to be still.

There are a multitude of things to get done: meetings to attend, assignments to finish, groceries to buy, people to please, meals to prepare, projects to turn in

We keep doing, doing, and DOING. We become exhausted because it’s so rare that we take a moment to breathe. Sometimes even too exhausted to spend time with our Creator, and this busyness becomes normal to us. And that is not what God intended for us.

We are a busy people. We sometimes lose ourselves and who we are amid it all. When we live like this, we leave no room for just being.

Meanwhile, our Creator is calling us. He is calling us into the quiet. He wants us to pause for a minute so we can hear Him because life gets loud.

Life gets so loud to the point that we forget what quiet even sounds like. Or, we choose to ignore it because we have a lot on our plate that day.

But even when I have been so selfish to ignore my Creator, He was still waiting for me.


He is waiting for you, too. He wants you to run to Him in the quietness. He is patient with you during your busy life. He does not want to be just a time slot in your schedule or a bullet point on your to-do list. He wants YOU.

Jesus says in Revelation 22:17, “I invite you to come.”

His love is inviting you in, always. His peace wants to quiet your busy mind and bring you into the stillness with Him.

He is constantly communicating His Love to us. When we are still, we can step outside of our busy schedules.

Sacrificing your time and sitting in the stillness with the Lord will strengthen you, and He will help you get through the day.

Instead of stressing out about today’s plans, tomorrow’s to-do list, and tonight’s dinner, you can relax in Him. You can relax through the tasks. Through the schoolwork. Through the meetings. Through the morning struggles. You can come into the stillness to spend time with Him because His timing is perfect.

This world is broken, which mean there will still be days when you’re running out the door like crazy people, trying to find your keys. There will still be days that you struggle because you are not perfect. But every day, you can choose to step outside of time and listen to the Lord.

You do not have to be a prisoner to your schedule because God looks at your heart.

When you are quiet before God, you hear God’s voice more clearly. You become more aware of Him. You become more efficient. You become more yourself.

In the midst of this noise, God is calling you to be still. He is whispering to you, inviting you to come into the quietness.

Just listen.

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