Day 5 of Quarantine: Resting in Jesus

Fear of coronavirus overwhelmed me these past few weeks.

At my most recent prenatal appointment, my doctor recommended that I take it easy, stop stressing, and get as much rest as possible.

As I drove home, her words stuck with me. “Get as much rest as possible.” As they sunk in deeper, I suddenly felt extremely fatigued, even though I hadn’t felt tired all day long.

I realized I’m used to being anxious, but my body could no longer physically handle the stress. It wasn’t until someone verbally instructed me to rest that I realized the tiredness of my soul and the heaviness of my heart. 

I know I’m not alone in this. We often stress ourselves out to our wits’ end, especially during crises.

As coronavirus spreads and the world scrambles, we can choose to contribute to the frenzy. Or, we can choose to rest.

Today, these questions come to mind — 

How are you filling your time?

Are you increasing your productivity because you “might as well”?

Are you keeping yourself busy so you won’t get bored or panic?

It’s day five of my quarantine, and God has taught me this — when we are driven by what we produce, we lose our purpose. When we fill our time with distraction, we are left with emptiness once our distractions run out. When we spend our days panicking, we drive our souls mad.

This is a time to learn how to rest.

I don’t mean to nap more often or take more bubble baths (although, if you need to, go for it). I mean enter a mental state of rest and receive a deep rest of the soul. 

I mean live your life from a place of rest in Jesus — the ultimate source of life.

We become rested when we lay our lives down at the feet of Jesus. We become rested when we fill our hearts with the Word, when we genuinely worship God, when we pray to Him, when we trust in His sovereignty and His promises.

And during this time —

We will find rest once we stop scrolling the news endlessly in a panic, and start meditating on the One who is sovereign over the world’s circumstances.

So, Christian, I ask you this today — how well-rested are you?

Stay educated and be cautious, but do not fear. 

He is all-powerful. He is King over all creation. He is trustworthy. He is our provider. He is faithful.

Come to Him, and He will give you the truest, deepest kind of rest.

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