Your Father is Present

My mind has always focused on “future happiness.”

Once I get married, I’ll be happy. Once I have a new job, I’ll be happy. Once I buy a home, I’ll be happy.

Personally, my husband and I recently purchased a home. We were ecstatic when the sellers accepted our offer, but that excitement only lasted for a moment — I caught my mind immediately thinking about remodeling, painting, and buying furniture. It’s embarrassing and sad to admit, but I missed out on the joy that was right in front of me that day, because I instantly jumped to the next thing.

In a restless culture, it’s really hard not to dwell on the future. We often long to be in our next season of life. We become impatient with God’s plan for our lives as we wish for “the next thing.” All we want is to move forward.

When our minds live in the future, we miss the blessings right in front of us. We take God’s gifts for granted.

Do you find yourself wishing for what’s next?

Jesus tells His listeners in Matthew 6:34, “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Your Father is present.

When we fail to live in the present moment, we miss out on experiencing His presence. We miss the joy He planted in today.

The thing is, we will never figure out the future. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan at all, or make wise decisions with the future in mind. But living in the present is not neglecting the future — it’s focusing on the now without worrying about what’s to come. It means depending on God, and trusting Him. When we obey God’s command to live for today and take our eyes off what we don’t have, we become thankful because we can see what God has for us right here, right now.

We’re only alive in this moment. He’s communicating His life, His love, and His grace to us in this moment.

Tomorrow will always be unknown, so don’t miss God’s presence today.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a future season — when you’ll have a family, a new job, or a new environment.

When you find yourself wandering into the unknown future, acknowledge it, and return to Jesus. Dwell with Him.

You are not there because you are right here. 

Live for today. Your Father is present with you.

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